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So this is my about me page where I describe who I am and what journey I am on, so let’s get things rolling!

Me and my wife enjoying a vacation at the beach

I started my online journey shortly after graduating from college way back in the 90s. Me and a couple buddies from school started a company selling an affiliate tracking software that we had coded from scratch using PERL. It was revolutionary at the time and we sold it for $1500 a copy. We were pretty stoked that people actually bought something we made and I loved the online marketing model, however my youthful passions took me on a wide detour pursuing a separate passion, flying.

I had always thought it would be super cool to fly jet fighters (like most young boys) and I decided to give my dream a shot and applied for an Aviator position with the US Navy. I ended up getting a spot and soon found myself at Officer Candidate School and at the start of a long career as a US Naval Officer and F/A-18 pilot. I never regretted that decision and have many fond memories and experiences that forged who I am today. However, as time goes on, life changes and I eventually found myself out of the cockpit and working for “the man” in a corporate job with a large defense contractor. At this point I returned back to my online marketing experience fresh out of college.

I knew that I wanted to go back to the freedom and joy that I experienced when creating and selling something that came from the heart. I pursued many different paths and found it entirely too easy to get distracted by all the opportunities out there. Eventually I found myself as a partner in John Thornhill’s partnership to Success program and that is why I started this blog today.

My plans for this site are to provide honest and truthful product review revolving around internet marketing and to document my progress toward a full-time income through online marketing. I first started online marketing in the early 90s and since then have been involved with a variety of project to include Adsense, CPA Marketing, Offline Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Amazon, Kindle, etc. I have discovered that the key to success is intense focus and commitment. It is far too easy to get distracted by too many tangents so that nothing is accomplished of note. The best way to stay on task in my opinion is to follow a tried and proven program that gets results while cutting through the crap that seems to proliferate in so many “training” programs found online. I believe I have found the answer in John Thornhill’s “Partnership to Success” program. If you are interested in truly making a living online, then I highly suggest that you try out his program.

I welcome any input and feedback on this blog. Feel free to comment below if there is anything you would like me to cover. I would be happy to answer your online internet marketing questions to the best of my ability.

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